Australian singer-songwriter and artist, Coconut Shy wields his luminous acoustic affectation yet again in his latest track, The Finest Day. His delicate melodies are intricately strung together by personal narratives, soft poetry, and metaphoric fable telling. The immersive quality of his songwriting comes out beautifully in his debut EP, Japan Town, where he uses mystical imagery to craft the essence of its theme. Much like he does in this track. Listeners of Sufjan Stevens, and Nick Drake are sure to enjoy the authentic essence of this artist’s compositions. 

The track opens with a drizzle of acoustics, trickling through the fresh vocal ambience. And as they settle, the chunky ukulele sounds separate from the smooth guitar melodies, to form the perfect base for the buoyant vocal timbre. The track weaves in alt-country formats into an evasive folk aesthetics and melodic pop style. And the sweet union of these styles is where the magic of Coconut Shy blossoms best. 

Coconut Shy is the musical moniker of artist, Joseph Mackey. Born in Tasmania, he brings the sultry vibe of the island state, revelling in its simplicity and rustic charm. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to The Finest Day by Coconut Shy here –