Tasmanian born artist Coconut Shy has a lot to offer with simplicity. Our assumption with isolation is an edge that other people might not have. His tracks have the soothing flow of the seas that surround him. This is his latest single, Water, Water.

His EP Japan Town is a collection of free flowing, simple acoustic tracks that showcase the restraint and fulfilled nature he lives his life with. Water, Water has gentle percussions, simple progressions that he sings poetic lines over. There are ambient sounds, the background becomes more and more dense like tidal flows while the song progresses. The chorus is a unique approach, has a tasteful break from the chords-yet does not depart from the original theme that Coconut Shy creates with his classy musicianship. The tones change with a finger-style acoustic second section. As the percussions disappear, we tend to create an illusion in our minds-of the effects and themes that surround the song. Like water, there is a fluidic flux to the song that his voice also personifies.

Flinch and Henrietta Street are wholesome, singable tunes. They are memorable for their naivety, yet have the complexity of unravelling emotions. His audio is a brilliant mixture of sounds that inspire, create and personify the intangible that slowly escapes us. He has a razor’s edge to the work he does, it is complete and cohesive. Allow his track to leave a smile on your face here: