Hailing from Prince George Va, Coolhandtrew is a singer-songwriter, model, actor, music major, and artist. All about the chill vibes, the artist’s golden melodies, and soothing vocals carve out beautiful spaces to relax in. Taken from his new album, My New Normal, How Many Miles Away??? by Coolhandtrew is reminiscent of neo-soul, funk, and modern jazz music legends like Tom Misch, Youssef Dayes, and FKJ.

The track is like a warm presence. Jazz melodies disperse into the atmosphere and create a magical tapestry of funk patterns. It has an ease to it that inspires a chill headspace. Lined with fuzzy basslines and mellow beats, the track has an unimposing personality. Its illuminating hooks and smoky vocals breeze through like scenes from a distant life.

And the textures! The artist uses hazy textures to engender a cozy listening experience. With rap flows occasionally sprinkled across the track, the artist brings a fun tonality and energy to the track. The lo-fi jazz melodies surge faintly in the background, filtering through the misty screen of the vocals.

He debuted in 2016 with his album, The Incredible Fantastic, featuring Casey Shea and Erik Scott Smith. Since then, the artist has been consistently adding to his unique and distinct jazz-funk/ hip-hop repertoire. The artist’s music has been featured in TV shows, movies, and ads. On usual days, you’ll find the artist sipping on coffee or Jameson while he is hanging out with friends and family or just chilling and making music.

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