British singer-songwriter Cormac revives a John Denver’s country anthem, ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ with a delicious slice of acoustic sentimentality. The cover song follows the release of a litany of tracks that go over and beyond in proving the evocative talent and vocal skill of the artist. Apart from original releases, he has also covered hits like ‘Titanium’ and ‘Mary, Did You Know?’, among others, to receive great acclaim and recognition.

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Cormac’s interpretation of Denver’s signature track is more of a slow swell. His dilatory baritones flow into each line with incredible emotional intention and purpose. Initially, the soundscape is bare for the most part except for elating dots of piano acoustics. With a free rhythm flow, Cormac takes his liberty, lingering on the lyrical beauty and poetry. Progressively developing a rustic country outfit, he fuses the appeal of the original version into his. Listen Now!

Cormac rose to popularity in 2020 with his vocal led performances and became the youngest singer to be signed with the global label, Decca Records. He has since found his style and his sound and is all set to make waves in the industry.

Cormac;s debut album, ‘A Borrowed Gift’ comes out 24th November. You can pre-order his CD at his shop : 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ by CORMAC here –

Writer : Vindhya