Alberta-born singer-songwriter, Cynthia Hamar has just released her new single, Where Your Love Lives. Known for her heartbreaking renditions of human emotions and affairs of the heart, the artist has revealed yet another one of her euphonic cards.

The track is a blast from the past. Its vintage presentation is peppered with blue nostalgia. Acoustic piano melodies and sparing bassline lace through the minimalistic canvas. Embellishment comes in the form of soulful vocals that distill the soundscape and centers it. The lilting falsettos are as delicate as a butterfly. Its smoky texture gracefully unfurls the track to realize its theme gradually. Within its gentle folds are transfixing emotions that sparkle with anticipation.

The track brims with romantic themes and styles. And, the swelling emotions in the vocals and jubilating melodies drip with a contemporary retro charm. It’s very artsy and lilting with its dainty accents and subtle euphony details. The acoustic jazz impresses a resounding quaintness as it flourishes across the track. It carves out a dreamy world of its own where it is impossible to be sad. And you’re left with a red-tinted headspace, nostalgic and starry-eyed for a love that the artist speaks of.

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

Listen to Where Your Love Lives by Cynthia Hamar here –

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