Dame Zina is a father-daughter experimental folk rock duo. They are known for their unique and creative spins as they truly challenge the thresholds of the genre with electronica and other elements. ‘Eau’ is the duo’s latest single. With an ethereal and mystical ethos, the track is transcendental and daze infusing. And slowly, this appeal builds over bridges of 80s inspired synthwave, funk, and psychedelic electronica.

It is a cerebral world, carrying the fluid and contemplative energy of water or ‘Eau’. And this ambience develops over the course of the track, gaining texture, turbulence, emotion, and vibrance. It is as if you’ve entered the world of Daft Punk and FM 84, where edge meets innovation. In the bridge, truncated beat lines meet dark electronic mystery. Slivers of rap shimmers on top which glows and grows in light before it rides into a mellow climactic anthem. Listen Now!

The track represents a new dimension to this duo, a unique new personality. It expands the horizon that they had set up for themselves in their debut album. This one showcases a whole new sonic scenario and fresh challenge. Their conceptual ability, elegant technique, and evocative design is so candid yet strategic. Classy, elegant, and new.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Eau’ by Dame Zina here –