The muddy, dirty rock of Daniel Young graces us. And we love it, every time. It is singable, danceable rock with a country touch. When lyrics are so well written it feels like your conscience singing, it’s easy to remember it all. Daniel brings us another catchy single with his latest release. This one is called Help Us Get Along. 

The fun groove on this one is wound very carefully with some smart lyricism. Daniel Young likes to keep the rhythm hand in the guitar moving, and that is what the feel of the song is like. It is a steady, marching like groove, around which his guitar and vocal tones are wrapped around well. A brass section adds a required and welcome flourish to the harmonies. No matter how you might feel his lyrics are, he makes it all better by making a memorable and shining rhythm section. I won’t be surprised if college bands start playing this before games. Positive, and a copious amount of zeal all around. 

You might have heard his singles like Clean Cut and Hold You Tighter, among others. He knows how to balance the intricacies of rock with the relatable joy in the country groove. Follow Daniel Young and his beautiful music here, and enjoy more of his music on his Spotify page!: