Driven by spirituality, mindfulness, and natural themes, DAVA chronicles his journey of self-growth and love with his new release, Back To Myself. DAVA details the unfolding musical journey of Czech singer-songwriter Vaclav Polansky. His debut album, One with Everything was released in 2021, carrying three singles – each a cup of melodic wisdom that sets us free. Since then, Polansky has released another album, titled Joy Is Our Guide (2021), and a single, Be Still (2022).

Ethereal synths and mellow acoustics stream like a flag. Its calming movements and swirls beautifully accent the earthy vocals. The exhilaration in the lyrics is realized in the anthem-like fervor that the artist creates in the melodies. With the gratitude of a fulfilled prayer and the joy of hope, the track blossoms into a gleaming orb of eternal euphoria.

The artist manifests happiness, love, and power with his brand of blissful soul acoustics that speaks directly to the hearts and souls of all his listeners. By harnessing the healing power of music, the artist ruminates on the affairs of the mind and carves out euphonic passages of epiphanies. The inevitable force of his message is delivered within simplistic brackets of melodies and harmonies.

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