Dean Mueller is a guitar wielding storyteller. He has a style that is relatable, narrative based and poetic. This makes all of his music memorable, and he banks on every moment of it. His latest single is a moment experienced a few ways back. This one is called Sky Fallin’.

Having a bluesy-country core, this song sees Dean Mueller doing a spoken style verse section. Like a fable, you get reeled in just wanting to hear what he has to say. There is a bar-stool raconteur vibe that is effervescent from his kind of music. The chorus is the real kick, something you can sing along like an Irish drinking song. There is a deal with the devil moment, the moment might collapse, but at least we have now. It is a fun, groovy and simple song that should be on all your playlists for the weekend. If you’re going for a long drive, you better bet Dean is riding shotgun.

His songs from 2020 really stand out, creating prolific, enjoyable music for everyone. He has since released Movin’ On as well, making a mark with the country style performance he gives. Devoid of the glitter and glam, this is straight to your ears as recorded. The production style from his team always allows his melodic, slight baritone to have a solid kick whenever he sings. Listen to his single here: