London-via-Ukraine pop songwriter, Delena drives to new levels with her new single, Why Should I Love You. Known for her prolific style and aesthetic compositions, this track is a shining example of the artist’s virtuosic skill.

This track is vintage-soul at its best. The tender leaves of melodies nudge the vocals, the crowning jewel, into the spotlight. Dallying with a tragic allure, the deep emotions in the vocals drench the soundscape. Its melancholy is as blue as a sapphire and as delicate as ice.

Depicting the forlorn heart of a black swan, we see the vocals grow in power and resilience as the track progresses. It’s magnificent to witness the wispy falsettos, ashen with sadness rise from the grave of a broken heart. With broad vocal strokes, the artist expands the sonority of the canvas. Leaping off a cliff of harmonies and soft acoustics, the vocals unfurl its wings like a risen phoenix, rolling into magnificent octaves. The glamorous display of liberation from pain is soul-stirring.

The transitions are out of this world. Just when you think it cannot get any better, it does. Streaming with the empowering vocals is a moving current of molten guitar riffs that drive the track home.

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