Devin Farney evolves like a theory in science. There is no pause, no present, and certainly no ending. His music is that of a storyteller, someone who travels. This griot’s perspective brings quite the flavour in his music. With several singles exploring new tones, he has brought to us his latest album. This one is called King’s Station.

Through all the stops

For a fan of the singer-songwriter genre, this is a gold mine. Anywhere, Anything itself opens up this envelope to tell the fantastic experience we want to delve into. The artificial harmonics create an echoing bell like sound, almost to mark the beginning of this journey. The vocals are supported with a choir like feel, this invitation feeling more and more personal. Acoustic delights wait with Nevermind, giving a beautiful visual, painting pictures you could only dream of. Unique percussion elements create the kind of texture only few artists experiment with. Old Soul has strange, rarely used chords in unison. There is a mystique and air of surprise in the song, the way it is written and echoed. As Devin Farney sustains notes, you take the moment to wade into what the notes create, as an atmosphere.

A bluesy hang and lick opens Stop. As you move from station to station, the character keeps altering. Sometimes within songs as well, just like this one. Accents from the piano and synth give a real soul vibe as well. Electronic influences help echo notes in King for the Day as well. You’ll never know what you’re getting with the tales Devin Farney narrates. You sit down and wait for the twists and turns. Making It Up shows you why you need to listen to him on an album format. He has explored so many sounds and stylistic notations, it’s hard to put into a box what you’re listening to. All you know is that it is music from the heart. A swing like this is the groove your life should be sound tracked to.

Devin Farney in the station

Raining All This Love has a Tommy Emmanuel kind of composition spine. Devin’s vocals also take a unique path, it has the animosity of the interaction he sings about as well. The tones are crisp and heard clearly, with the kind of artistry only a perfectionist would engage themselves to create. Get Distracted has a Lennon rhythm, due to the obvious changes in chords as well. It has a psychedelic aura that seems to seep through your entire body and soul. The beat is something that dissipates into the song as well. 

The name for the album might have come from a transition/bridge track, but shows what Devin Farney is imagining, from a macro scale. Comet Coming take us back to the acoustic chapter, and we sit on the floor, where we are bare. Just the spotlight on the guitar man, and his story to hear. Deafening silence every other side, and this is his soulful serenade for you. You’ll understand why this is his opus, 2 songs in. Listen to his brilliant effort here: