The New Jersey artist and singer-songwriter, Dorian has crafted yet another magical track, Blast Off. It’s a love song that rains on us with indulgent romance the artist’s signature passion. With waves of vocal modulations patterning the track, we surf gorgeous tides of evocation. As the R&B euphonies wash over us, we are enlivened by the thematic aftermath of the song.

Have you heard the phrase, ‘love me like no one is watching?’ That’s the concept that Dorian brings out in this mellifluous track. With ricocheting basslines, soul vocals, and mellow synths, he crafts worlds with bubbles of melodies. The stripped-down vocals and their virtuosic modulations form the main allure of the song as they float with levity and dreamy passion.

Dorian knows grace. The mellow weaves of his songs lift us sky-high. His compositions are all about magical realism with which he carves a beautiful way of living. It is astounding to see how he uses familiar sounds and emotions to form new impressions on his listeners. Known for his experimental blends, he uses sound to tap into the potential of the heart. And in doing that, he creates a mosaic of styles, that coalesce astronomically to leave a unique fingerprint.

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