New-Jersey-based singer-songwriter and artist, Dorian is a passionate soul which directly translates to his music. His dreamscapes are a beautiful extension of the R&B and Soul genres. Known for his experimental styles and eclectic blends, the artist empowers his listeners with the wonder of melody and strength of emotion. Taken from Dorian ‘s new album, 33, Notice Me is a ravishing track with evocative highs.

The artist is a masterful dramatist. He demonstrates universal themes with a mystical allure, flush with perspective. And Notice Me is no different. The theme of the song oozes out from the synthetic tangents, glassy acoustics, and the desperate stream of vocals. Using the mosaic of melodies, the artist bejewels the vocals and enlightens its prayer. Its smoky levity and feverish loops manifest the desperate wish to be noticed. His irrepressible devotion births flourishing weaves of soulful harmonies that sway with heartbreaking anguish and yearning.

Since the release of his debut with Any Thing Goes in 2019, the artist has been building his sonic empire of genre-bending flows that astounds the mind, heart, and soul. His single, Reign Love (2022) amassed over 100,000 streams, and his album Dream World Pt. 2: The Arrival got a whopping 500,000 streams within a few days of its release. Dorian has also earned the title of ‘Artist of The Year’ at the DMV-based independent artist platform, ‘Enjoy The Music.’

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