Down South Pepper band (aka DSP band) is from Kvalsund in Norway with a ready love for americana and outlaw country music. The feel-good and catchy compositions are delivered as slice-of-life commentaries. Informed by life and all its encounters, the band has a charismatic and lively sound. In their latest release, The Funny Part, Down South Pepper Band creates an atmosphere of wisdom and nostalgia. 

The sweeping guitar acoustics with its luminous timbre roam the soundscape in the classic country style. Paired with the accordion accents, tambourine jingles, and blues piano, the track takes us way back to when. The warm baritones are buoyant orbs of memory and wisdom as it illuminates the beauty of life in light of its inevitable end. 

The band has a markedly dated sound, that is reminiscent of artists like Jackson Taylor & The Sinners, The Unrighteous Brothers, and J R Leonard. The DSP band is primarily composed of Rune Nyby and Per Øyvind Mathisen, with the occasional guest features like Lars Rune Rebbestad, Nils Mathisen, Eivind Kløverød and others 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to The Funny Part by Down South Pepper Band here –