From the house of dreamers, believers and extraordinary musicians, comes Dunebug. With a wide range of inspirations on her plate, she makes music that is thought-provoking, warm and inviting. Sound to sound, she bounces from one track to the other with something else in mind, for what exciting avenues it might open up. This is Still Dreaming. 

It cannot be overstated how much the production work is appreciated on this song. The bass and chiming instrumentals are like a fluffy blanket, also creating the warmth and comfort you’d want from a song like this. Dunebug brings her vocals in after this marinates, a sound that is an expanse of a desert, but all within arms reach. The bassline is something that stands out, and for this song, works in tandem with the vocals. Like one of her inspirations, Japanese Breakfast, the track has a hypnotic trance of layers, like a cake with each one of them packed with different flavour, contributing to the same sound. The chorus is something you’ll hear yourself singing at any given point-simple, yet drawing you into that deep slumber of dreams. Your haven away from a dystopic dimension.

You can find her on a couple of indie artist playlists, for the kind of dream pop she creates. Songs like Alone Like Me and Impossible With You are the place of a fertile bed of sound, something unique and divisive, yet inspired and welcoming. It is the kind of sound that could put you to sleep at night, and wake you up in the morning with a smile. Listen to Dunebug with her latest single here: