Elizabeth Eckert is a stellar pianist and singer-songwriter with a musical drive unlike any other. Born to acclaimed musician parents, the artist was tuned into music very early in life. After her piano debut in Carnegie Hall, a wrist injury transformed her art. She went from being a gifted classical pianist to a gifted country pop artist. Like A Piano is Elizabeth Eckert ‘s sophomore release, following her 2010 EP release titled Bloomington.

The artist brings her piano prowess to the track. It’s soothing and seamless acoustics form a delightful background for the tale of heartbreak. The undulating melodies sync beautifully with the contours of the vocals, moving like a singular wave of euphony.

Redolent of early Taylor Swift, the artist writes honestly; with her autobiographical lyrics connecting her to her listeners. Using piano metaphors and musical symbolism, the artist juxtaposes romantic heartache with the pain of having to give up her career as a classical pianist. Weaving in and out of reality and fiction, the artist has a natural gift of evocation.

The Nashville based artist is a dedicated narrator and story-teller. Her songs weave engaging tales that reflect universal themes and struggles that we can all relate to. Elizabeth was featured as American Songwriter’s “Writer Of The Week” and was even interviewed for Carnegie Hall’s “Songwriter Series”.

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