Emerald Bluffs is the musical moniker of indie singer-songwriter, Isaac Harris. Driven by the power of his thoughts and experiences, the artist’s music is an extension of him. Emerald Bluffs was founded in Carbondale, Illinois in 2020 and his debut single, All I Need, explores the irrepressible adoration and fondness for a loved one. The love song is as endearing as spring, sprouting with fresh melodies and with tender sentiment. 

The artist uses an acoustic landscape to give the song a roughness and natural propensity that comes with confessions of the heart. It gives the stream of consciousness lyricism an emotional weight and a poetic presentation. Loosely strung with mellow beats, candid vocals, and casual acoustics, the artist crafts his own world that is tuned to a refreshingly unique frequency. 

The artist is a self-taught musician, making songs using the innate trappings of his mind. And his work has that stamp of authenticity. It’s not only about melody synchrony and rhythm arrangements but more about emotions and expression. Listening to this song is like engaging with the thoughts of our own mind. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to All I Need by Emerald Bluffs here –