Erkan is an Ankara-based singer-songwriter, artist, and multi-instrumentalist. His love for exploring the world of music is diverse and deep. And manifests in the unique blends of progressive rock and folk. In his latest release, Constellations, Erkan gravitates to the soothing aura of folk and its ability to gracefully capture the grandeur of the theme.

The glinting acoustics are reminiscent of the twinkling stars. Using stream-of-consciousness lyricism, the soft vocals of the artist trace a melancholic constellation of loss and grief. The folk guitar swells consolingly as it filters through the fuzzy vocal texture.

The song is an idyllic folklore. You can picture the night sky as the artist paints it. A string of piano melodies floats in and out like glow bugs. Its flowing rhythm glides along like time, leveled and eternal. If you listen keenly, it’s almost as if the artist is having a conversation with the twinkling night. He buries his broken heart deep within the folds of the sky for us to find.

The artist found his way into music with drums before indulging in the pleasing pastoral sounds of folk guitar and vocals; using it as a medium to narrate deep emotional stories and concepts. His EP, At The End Of My Time; an anthology about real-life struggles and folk stories is all set to be released by the end of this year.

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