Evol Walks is an Australian-American singer-songwriter and rock artist. Her affectation for gloom and melancholy clings beautifully to create the perfect rock n roll and hard rock fantasies. Evol’s musical sentiment oscillates between a deep empathy and a destructive apathy. Her compositions reveal the connections between these two islands. The track, ‘Pet Sematary’ is the latest single from the artist. Stylistically, it is an outlier. With deliberately drawling vocals and gentle acoustic planes, she orients the soundscape towards softness. This is not to say that it is not touched by a dark current that has now become an Evol Walks staple.

iTunes Artwork for 'Pet Sematary - Single (by Evol Walks)'

The mellow flow of the rhythm, rising and ebbing, reveal undertones of existential pain and morbid melodrama. Its title is a reference to the Stephen King novel wherein the ‘Pet Sematary’ is a burial ground with a power to resurrect the dead. Through contemplative melodies, her narrative loops the listener into narratives on death, loneliness and forlorn grief. It is enchanted with the dysfunction of misfits and the underdogs. Listen Now!

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