Southern California based singer, songwriter, guitarist and DJ Colin Stauber in collaboration with Coke Studio released the deluxe version of ‘Colin Stauber Live at Coke Studio’ earlier this month.  “Fall” serves as the introductory track to this extended play produced by Coke Studio.

“Fall”, the song itself is a short one, barely exceeding a minute. It is stripped back and kept simple in terms of its foundations with only Colin Stauber’s voice and strings played by the musician himself being the highlighted elements. The strings provide a great background and aren’t extremely upbeat which prevents them from overpowering the vocals. The strings continue throughout the EP making it sonically and structurally uniform. The strumming pattern starts off simple and gets more rhythmic and complex as the track progresses.

We are introduced to Colin Stauber’s strong voice along with the first strum. “Fall” lyrically has only two lines – “Won’t let you fall; won’t let you go” that are repeated throughout. At some point this starts to feel cyclical and almost hypnotising and one wonders whether this was the intention given the singer’s previous album ‘Meditation’ attempts a similar interesting experiment. The song only has two variations in terms of melody and the same notes are hit vocally. We can see repetition as a device being used as a means of emphasis.

I liked how the songwriting and elements are kept simple. It is meant for late night drives, when one wants music to calm down to; music that lets you breathe. When you need the same, I recommend you put on some Colin Stauber!