The Fat Cat Affair is the musical moniker of a mysterious artist and multi-instrumentalist who refuses to prejudice his music by revealing his identity. But I think this story from Fat Cat’s an ex-band member, Claude ‘Hotlips’ Fontaine, will help us understand the artist behind the art, whilst still preserving his anonymity. Claude first met Fat Cat in Paris in a time that he describes as Fat Cat’s most creative period. This was after the Fat Cat had developed his ‘Crazy Cat Beats’ in Hamburg and played a whole lot of blues in Warsaw. His search for diversity and inspiration brought him to Paris, where in the company of eclectic jazz, rap, and funk artists, he began discovering his sound.

Serendipity brought both Claude and Fat Cat to a little pub called Montmartre where anything could happen. “The little ginger cat”, as Claude puts it, drove the crowd to drastic heights with his performance and irrevocably impressed him. Soon, a friendship between the two musicians formed, kick-starting a Gatsbian story of success, romance, and tragedy. Soon after this encounter, Fat Cat was inducted as a guitarist in Claude’s jazz band, Big Game Collective comprising Croatian pianist, Nicoli Novak, bassist, Jimmy McCormac, drummer, Tony Valentino,  Claude Fontaine on the trumpet, and Olivia Bellerose on vocals.

Olivia was radiant, powerful, and entrancing with a beauty that was only surpassed by her talent. The artistic friendship between her and Nicoli sparked an unrequited love story on her part, that soon spiraled into a chaotic tale of obsession, pain, and suicide which caused the band to break up. Picking up the pieces of everything that he learnt, Fat Cat formed the Fat Cat Affair in 2022. He has released four singles till date – Eyes Full of Tears, Be the One, Up At Dawn, and I Wonder.

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