Watching singer-songwriter Sophia Stephens performing with her guitar on her Instagram page, one wouldn’t expect a track as aligned with pop and rock as her new single “Fervor”. Following the release of her debut EP, this track is the latest single from the seventeen-year-old artist based in Indiana.

The deep yet husky and whispery voice of Sophia Stephens is the most unique part of her artistry.  Her voice is captivating and she knows how to use it well and you feel this from the very first note she hits with the word “Take”.  The sonic palette of the track is chosen such that it matches the warmth of her voice and her vocal variation in the bridge is softer which feels like a necessary variation given that her voice is embodying strength throughout the rest of the song.

Lyrically starting with “take me to the top of your world” makes the track feel like it is heading towards being a romantic ballad, but it quickly transforms into a self-assuring and self-preserving female perspective of what it feels like to have ultimate control over a partner’s emotions. With phrases like “battles to your door”, “mutiny to your shores” and “swords and fights” older elements of war are definitely being hinted at.

This song oscillates between the feeling of an Adele Track and a 1975 track. Sophia Stephens’ young presence, deep voice and a claiming of independence through the lyrics are Olivia Rodrigo-esque. Although only seventeen, she has considerable amount of song-writing experience and I am excited to see where she’s headed next musically!