Roland Wälzlein aka Fish and Scale is a German folk artist and singer-songwriter with a resounding individuality. His exploration of life, its philosophical provenance, and essence is a predominant facet of his music. Having survived a lot of drastic trials and ordeals during his lifetime, the artist developed a keen appreciation and passion for living. In his EP, Wonderful, Fish and Scale doles out his musings and truths using uplifting neo-classical and reviving vocals. The review delves into the title track, detailing its core to set out the virtues of the EP. 

iTunes Artwork for 'Wonderful - EP (by Fish and Scale)'

Wonderful opens with resonant pools of ruminative piano melodies. Their twinkling keys clustering to form lilting pockets of magic in the backdrop of Roland’s heartwarming baritones. The track holds three layers, with two tiers of instrumentation and one of vocals. With progression, the song begins to take on the enchanting allure of blues. The somber cello bass and pensive piano melodies are transformed by the irrepressibly optimistic spirit and ideals of the vocals. 

The four-track collection was teased earlier this year with the track, Stay! Its incredible folk acoustics and the melodic surge have us all instantly wondering what the rest of the tracks would illuminate in us. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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