Some songs are like Prince’s Purple Rain, simple yet etched in your memory forever. flakebelly has his new EP out called Behaviours. It is a tip of the hat to unbridled creativity, simplicity reigning supreme and an out pour of emotions. This is what makes this track tick.

With just guitar arpeggios and simple chord undertones, the voice carries the lyrics to the place of warmth and love they come from. The song is a melting pot of many types of ballads, take Billy Joel or Elton John and maybe even falsetto flamboyance from Adam Levine. Understanding the time period barely matters, the song remains evergreen because of the heartfelt lyricism and the unthreaded transitions from one part to the other. Moving through the verse and chorus feel one, like Petty’s songwriting, it just comes together as one lucid dream.

flakebelly has proven his songwriting prowess with tracks like Sleeping Through the Day and Sexy Zeppelin. He is forever creative, his lyrics have a recitative, transformative quality to them that have an honest performance. It is a triad of excellence that you rarely see from a musician in their formative years.  It is an EP written in a state of suspension, of memories, thoughts and dreams. Listen to the extraordinary power of balance here: