Francis Alban Blake is the musical moniker of late poet, philosopher, singer-songwriter, and folk artist Frans de Blaak (1974-2022). With vivid imagery and mystical metaphors, he transforms common place objects and concepts by fathoming a complex emotional dimension around them. In the single, Strawberry Jam, Francis Alban Blake, he gently drizzles the sweetness of the condiment with the bitterness of melancholy, decadence, apathy, and debris. “Sweets go bitter on my tongue.”

Made with mellow acoustics, the intricacy of the lyrical poetry carries the listener through a world of knick knacks; each one infused with the artist’s memories and ruminations. The track has an ebbing rhythm, renewing at the final moment to trickle into the next line. This slice of life pace perfectly forms around the autobiographical reflections of his mood, consciousness, and existence. Knots of sadness grips the heart, slowly deepening into tragedy by his sincere nonchalance to life.

Strawberry Jam was released in 2022, four years after the disappearance and death of Frans de Blaak. It was reconstructed and completed by Frank Bond (AlascA, King Forward Records, Space is the Place studio) upon request from Frans’ family.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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