Francis Alban Blake’s work has a powerful sensitivity to it. Listening to it infused a sense of sharp clarity and simultaneously a dazing surrealism. It is the posthumous banner of folk artist and singer-songwriter Frans de Blaak (1974-2022). Lost to the world, the world was not lost on him. As a philosopher, he saw the light and darkness all too clearly. And his lyrical subjects detail them, so pleasantly insightful.

iTunes Artwork for 'Truth - Single (by Francis Alban Blake)'

This latest track, ‘Truth’ has a mellow radiance that glows brighter with each verse. With slighting guitar acoustics and weightless vocals, it is a dallying sonic drizzle that drenches you in its essence. By the end of it you’ll feel so deeply human that it is both transcendent and terrifying in its beauty. Alongside melancholy and heartache, he weaves in exquisite existentialism. This perspective, so intricately detailed and simply delivered, will take you back to artists like Nick Drake, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell. He also falls along the same plane of alt folk artists and philosophical songwriters like Sufjan Stevens, Hozier, and Iron & Wine. Listen Now!

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