Tel Aviv based guitarist, Gan Gabor has taken on the role of singer-songwriter under the banner of his solo project, GAN. Blending the textures and sounds of the electric guitar with Electronica, Darkwave, and Trip-Hop, the artist presents a contemporary melodic space flush with emotions. In his new single, Little Breaths, GAN rejoices in his fatherhood, littering the soundscape with sweet and tender imagery. 

The artist is able to sensationally appropriates his brand of dark rock to portray even the lighter themes. In this track, he uses its ominous motifs to depict devotion, adoration, and eternal love. The swishing fabric of ethereal synths in the background flow with an endlessness. Texturized by singular beats, it draws one into a ruminative and reflective headspace. And the baritones, crackling with elation and new feelings, is a delight to consume against this backdrop. 

GAN has a largely narrative style, embedding them in slow-motion soundscapes. He takes his time, patiently fleshing out thematic emotions to present layered perspectives. He debuted his style in 2020 with Over and Over, following it up with Fading (2021) and Israel 2020-2021 (2022). 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Little Breaths by GAN here –