Gary Dranow’s ‘Jimi’s Song’ is a classic rock track. Streaming with heart and soul, it traces the web of life, touching on youth, passion, death, dreams, grief, and wonder. With a contemplative air, Gary extracts the impact of Jimi Hendrix and his music not only on him but on the world at large. He wonders, ‘What he would have played if he lived today’. It is vested with a deep sense of loss and grief, which rings true and personal for us all. The song is an ode, a goodbye, a lament, a letter of gratitude and grace.

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Instead of getting into technicalities of his music, he evokes the memory of the legend with his own sense of childhood awe and nostalgia. With straightforward riff arrangements and mellow vocals, the song’s appeal is entirely sentimental. The narratives are drenched with tale and the vocals with reminiscence.

It is an acoustic rock song, embedded in an atmosphere of electric resonance. The band crafts an undulating rhythm sequence, taking us to emotional highs and a falling melancholy. Undertones of country and blues rise into the fringes of classic rock to embellish the mosaic of emotional contexts. Listen Now!

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