Dublin singer-songwriter, producer, and BIMM graduate, Gavin Doyle has all sniffling with country blues with his single Fade to Grey (The Lamb). It makes for the perfect breakout track of his new album Treading Water containing four lovely euphonies that become a part of you.

Breezy country acoustics opens the song, instantly lifting the mood. The oozing warmth is reminiscent of a field of honeysuckles and sun rays. Flickering with sweet melancholia, the mellow tunes hang around like an old friend recounting stories of love and life far away. The artist depicts a fractured relationship between time and life.

Hearty and wholesome, the track is so incredibly human as it explores the virtues and vices of memories and a life lived. And steady beats and a glistening canvas makes for a perfect backdrop to ponder on the affairs of life. Mixed into the fingerprint of nostalgia is an immutable fear of fading away, dissolving into the air without a trace. The melodies and message imprint on the psyche cavity, and grows into us like a summer blue sky.

Reminiscent of Ed Sheeran, the artist has a keen knack of translating the vibrations of the heart into touching euphony. Its unfiltered quality and vulnerability erect bridges that connect the artist to his listeners, to become a part of each and every one of us.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Wynk Music!

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