We’ve already discussed the lofty sonic magic of the Korean American and Swedish singer-songwriters Grace & Moji on this platform. But this time, we’re aligning the magnanimous melodic builds and ethereal form of their dream pop with the Official Video of the song. Our Love is the debut release of the duo. And just as the title suggests, it stems out of the love that ties them together and anchors them. And the video bears proof of that. Shot in a vlog format, the video carries moments of magic, mundanity, and memories, strung together to reinforce the sentiment of the song. 

iTunes Artwork for 'Our Love - Single (by Grace & Moji)'

A life shared is a beautiful thing, and each clip adds to the slice of life commentary of the song. While the track unearths their deepest feelings, the video reveals the moments that build these emotions. Matching the musical folk accessories, the duo uses a lot of natural imagery like fields of flowers, trees, grasslands, and the like. Using fixtures of transcendental mystique, they showcase the unending and layered consciousness that is their love and life. Watch the video now 🙂 

The song is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and iTunes. 

You can watch the official video of the track, Our Love by Grace & Moji here –