h. eldritch can weave a web of stories with a guitar, their collective minds and voice. The talented songwriter Harry Houseago, has that spark that turned into fire, and he has plenty of fuel to keep it burning. His emotional and well worded single is now out, Innocent Sinner.

Something that you will come to notice almost instantly is his style of playing the guitar. The tapestry is rich, derived from sources unknown and a lot of practice of course. With this, he sings in his honey sautéed voice that seems to bring all worries to an end. The duality is shown clearly in the lyrics, bringing the character and complexity out with few words. h. eldritch makes music with a soul, and you can hear that in every line they perform. Using the melodrama of the lyrics to modulate his vocals, you can anticipate the chorus as one big blow of mystic air and deliberate thought. Talented, excited and ready to show the world what this music sounds like.

His single from earlier this year is called Amateur Anthropology. h. eldritch has a choice of words that are acerbic, sharp, intended, stick out more than anything he does. Switching genres, you will never know on which field he lands. Only of the thoughts he sings about. Listen to his single here with us: