American singer-songwriter and pop artist, Hannah Johnson debuts with electric single, ‘Slow Motion’. Crafted with refreshing tonalities, buoyant strings, and exciting synth plays, it delightfully splits the listener between spheres of soulful acoustics and colorful electronica. Hannah draws from autobiographical encounters, building on her experience with subtle blurs of genre. The track has pop at its core, but its fabric is stained with beautiful neo-soul patterns, trap beats, wiry grooves, and downtempo blooms. And in the middle of this intricate orbit of sonic interactions, the vocals form like a star. Full of meaning, emotion, and sincerity. Listen Now!

iTunes Artwork for 'Slow Motion - Single (by Hannah Johnson)'

The ethos of the song adds remarkably to the listening experience. You’ll catch early 2000s R&B/Soul styles mixed in with soft swells of dream pop, touched by contemporary influences. It is fluid, both in rhythm and progression. This lack of a fixed center or symmetry within the soundscape makes her vocal improvs and exploration more enjoyable to the listener. If you think you might enjoy the work of Ariana Grande and Clairo with a passing touch of Beyonce, then this song is for you.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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