Some artists will work hard enough to forget they made their very own Sgt. Peppers. Her Skin is one such artist. Her latest single is bones, from her splendid album called i started a garden. There are more than one reasons why this is her best work. Let’s dive into the story of bones.

With a simple acoustic riff, she creates the oscillating dynamic of the instrument and her voice. Allowing the rhythm to set before diving into anything, the instrument itself is to be enjoyed for a while. The unique riff moves in the background, like a live wire. Meanwhile, Her Skin tries to tame this energetic, oscillating arrangement with her engaging and beautiful voice. The poetry flows from the heart, yet it is the ink that still feels wet. The memory and incident of the whole song is worth meditating upon, such is this track. This artist has a phenomenal grip on how she smelts and crafts her vocals to be engaging yet always drawing from truth.

This is where I come back to this album bring her best work. Though Find a Place to Sleep created a beautiful, simple premise for a songwriter then, this is where she has truly blossomed. The track is an aftermath of something that affected all of us, yet she finds it in her psyche to whittle something beautiful from what we would feel is the last block of wood. Listen to her song and masterpiece album: