Norwegian songsmith and singer Herald K is a delight to listen to, especially his new single, Circe ! His charismatic style and mystical techniques coalesce to form quaint and dramatic folk ballads that are reminiscent of magical lands, old wives’ tales, eccentric fables, and beautiful allegories. The artist released his debut album, Strange Delights in 2019 for which he was able to cast excellent instrumentalists from the Vienna scene. With Stephan Steiner and Katie Kern, leading the list, the collection has been compared to the works of Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake!

The artist is a vibrant storyteller. He sets the scene with oscillating basslines, rippling harmonicas, and warm patches of baritones. The vintage lines of nyckelharpa usher in the mood of the scene. The musical histrionics compel the soundscape to life to put on a magnificent scene. We see tension-building and climactic nyckelharpa melodies, hum-dum of crowds, ghostly swirls of harmonies, sounds of pigs grunting, cackles, and so many others that stitch on a theatric flair to the song. I swear every time I listen to it, I uncover a new detail that the artist has sewn into the soundscape.

Herald K is currently prepping for the release of his new 10-song album titled Mythologies. The first single from the album, Arethusa was released earlier this year (June 2022). The second single, Wandering Aengus came out in September 2022. Circe follows third in this collection of mythological sagas.

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