With Herald K, we journey to the dreamy mythologies and legends of his brilliant mind. The wordsmith and songsmith set the stage for his unique brand of storytelling songwriting. Rich in their narrations and beguiling in instrumentation, his songs are incredibly theatrical and performative. With his new single, Echo’s Song, Herald K, along with Lina Louise, attaches yet another piece of his mind to the growing cinematic-folk portfolio.

The song is an orchestra of acoustics. Piano, violin, and nyckelharpa melodies are peppered with charismatic speech art. He blends classical styles with earthy folk sounds to realize a delightful vision. In creating a naturalistic ambiance, and woody aesthetic, Herald weaves magic into our souls.

The Vienna-based singer-songwriter, and magical realism artist crafts poetic masterpieces in the form of ballads, fairy tales, and folklore. With his music, he revives archaic styles of performance. The artist debuted in 2019 with Strange Delights. In 2022, he released three acclaimed singles that solidified his eccentric soul style. Emulating the soothing themes of Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake, he blends his own perspectives into it. Echo’s Song marks the first of many releases of this year. So look out for this underrated artist.

You can follow the artistic journey of Herald K here : https://heraldkmusic.com/ and the delightful photos were taken by Funky Eye

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