Norwegian songsmith and folk artist, Herald K, has just released his sophomore LP, Mythologies. The album features his previously released singles like Where Eagles Fly, Circe, and Echo’s Song (among others) along with five previously unreleased tracks like Old Soul, Mountains of Mourne, and Mercy Me. Based in Vienna, the artist excavates a wealth of self-written folklore and sonically details a world for them to live in. Each track is a unique tapestry weaved in accordance with rules of mystique and magic to exhibit an inarticulate emotion that can only be felt. This article fleshes out the sweet lore in the track, Old Soul, as it perfectly exemplifies the style and beauty of Herald K ’s compositions. It features the talent of Stephan Steiner on Violin and Accordion, Navid Djawadi on bass alongside Herald’s acoustic guitar. Listeners of Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen are sure to enjoy the pleasing folk machinations of this artists! 

New release – Mythologies (album) by Herald K - COOLTOP20

Photo: Funky Eye
Photo Design: Oliver Pfeiler

The track is a textural masterpiece. Herald collates a wealth of string instruments and juxtaposes their unique sound and song to bring out each one’s distinctive appeal. With mellow guitar strings leading the band, sharp bass lines, chunky violin and molten accordion melodies follow like the dancing children did the pied piper; their rustic patterns and textures matching Herald’s rough timbre and piercing baritones. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Old Soul from the Mythologies Album by Herald K here –