HiddenLif knows how to make an entrance and a killer exit. His tracks carry a presence that is felt after, it has a gravitas that is undeniable. With his latest release of the album PLUSH, this artist shows us how to take life in stride. This is LOL. OK.

What this track has is a live instrument section that is simple, yet charismatic. Using an acoustic intro, we see Hidden Life navigate through the vocals as though they are second nature. The track is a miracle in forming, a star that is being born from a pulsar. It is audio rebirth because of the simple progression, clear lyrics and well-produced audio that makes it balanced and addictive to a certain degree. The audio pushes for a certain level of attention from the listener, and before you know it, you’re thoroughly invested in this artist’s well crafted trap of sound. The entrapment within the beat can be recognized like any good hip-hop track, half the story being told from there.

PLUSH features other songs that are equally gripping. Listen to how well the audio is managed overall, when push comes to shove-it brings it all together. As a singer and performer, HiddenLif is making tracks that have you in a loop and want you to wait for each song to be absorbed in meaning and melody. This is the way musicians make their mark, and this artist has made his.