Imelda Gabs has a sweeping style that blows through you with immutable emotion. Her magical exhibitions of the human experience are a delight to absorb as she blends diverse sound and texture pallets. In her latest single, Reckless, Imelda Gabs delivers an autobiographical piece that swells with infinite harmony and endless agony.

The track is an affecting soliloquy that ruminates on the affairs of love. With a slow surge, the ethereal stretches of violins and vocals open the track. Breaking this reverie with a drop of piano keys, the majestic vocal showcase begins. Its quivering emotions stream with a rippling gloom alongside a sophisticated piano melody before tearing through all semblance of sanity. The dramatic increment in the vocal timbre and pitch booms with the energy of moving worlds. And the artist masterfully equilibrates this with humbling lines of acoustic melodies.

Known for manifesting electro-acoustic fabrics of music, her astonishing talent began with her self-produced debut single, Fallen Angel in 2020. She followed up with the release of Alter Ego in 2021. The Switzerland-based Belgian and Congolese artist harvests her training in piano, violin, and singing to realize her artistic visions.

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