Indolore is a French musician and singer-songwriter. The artist has a way of setting a feel-good atmosphere, charged with thematic emotions and sentiment. And that’s exactly what he does with his latest EP, Nashville. The collection of songs were inspired by both the place and music culture. Recorded with brilliant musicians like Jack Lawrence (Jack White, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather), Sean Thompson & Dave Racine, all songs mixed by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes / Grammy nominated producer), the EP carries a marked country-rock style. You’ll see swing rhythms, groovy guitar melodies, soft acoustics, and intimate renditions. Taken from this EP is the track C’est pas la peine in which Indolore manages to transform a resigned theme into one of activity and geniality. Listen Now! 

The track opens with country grooves that definitely set the style and mood of the song. The melodies gleam and glow, the electric elements looped into winking accordions and marching acoustic lines. And reconciling them all in sentiment and emotion is Indolore’s warm baritones. Sweeping through the track, his charming French lyricism and effortless song ties in all the elements in an enjoyable rhythm and sonic sentience. 

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