Mellow lines of soul and story are what you get with this new single, Courage for Fools by J.Matthews. The storytelling artist blends genres to create a diverse pallet of melody that tells his stories best. Born out of his adamant need to do justice to the stories and emotions, the artist’s experimental style transcends conventional genres.

The acoustic guitar strings have a predominantly country appeal with slight pop accents. The quality lyrics contained in the baritone vocals make for wholesome stories and create delightful visuals that make you feel warm and cozy. As the track progresses, we see a rock outfit emerge from the mellow canvas before dispersing into streams of magnificent synths. And the transitions are beguiling in how seamless and how well-placed they are. As the song inches to the climax, the artist masterfully drives up the energy to realize the exhilarating peaks of the story.

This sophomore release follows his beautiful debut single, Wanderlust. He connects these songs with lyrics loaded with stories and details that upon discovery lighten the heart and soul. So have yourself a grand time with this eclectic musical chameleon.

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