Why bother yourself with the revolting crowd at the beach, when a song can bring the beach to you? J8ke has his single out, Lemonade, and it is that summer vibe you may or may not have been searching for. Either ways, it’s a hit to my ears-perfectly pouring the point of the melody in one cool, tall glass.

Our desires are often wants, not needs. J8ke changes that, your next summer might make you need Lemonade. Not just because of climate change, because of this track mostly. It has a swinging, Rasta rhythm to it, yet has this artist’s unique voice hitting the big screen. It could become any pop song if a machine had looped this into endless turmoil. However, from the beat to every attempt J8ke’s chorus sound brings, we move forward in a new, positive vibe. If you have been frowning since that last sentence about climate change, the rest of the track should definitely put a smile on your face. Simple and straightforward, the message is to find the one who is another half of you. The swing and groove of the track is undeniable, it is filled with joyous interactions and splices of memories and desires from the heart.

Just like his hit song Ricochet, there is no doubt Lemonade will climb the charts. He is an excited, wide-eyed musician with hope and wonder. The youthful, carefree nature of his voice is bound to get you to sing along to the songs. Listen to his single here: