If any music can justify an entrance, it is Jack Tracy with his spectacular songs. Gold is his latest album, a vivid collection of celebratory music, creating ripples in the silence of discomfort and judgement. If this man is given a microphone and some production equipment, he will show you the Midas touch he has. Let’s get into why Gold is his best work.

The intro is a pretty fair moment of diving into what funky and catchy music Jack Tracy can make. It is sparkly, honest and exudes confidence of a long-running Broadway show. Tracks like Fire and Too Much are just glimpses into the kind of composition and imagery he can conjure with his songs. There is disco, pop and funk all melding together to create an unforgettable, trade markable sound. Is Jack Tracy limiting himself there? No, he is an artist who also creates videography along with making music, exclusivity is masked all over in this case.

Do you require any convincing as to why this album is spectacular? No. Yet, here I wrote you an article that is absolutely worthless, because you were well within the 5th track by the time you reached this line. I enjoyed this album, and I guarantee you would too.