Jackie Minton can carry time with her voice. With enrapturing lyrics and the devilish simplicity of her music-she can tell you a tale through her music. Her latest single is That’s Alright, with Julanna Sweeney. Prepare for heartbreak and healing.

The clarity in the piano and vocals is striking, searing a memory into your mind and heart. It is slow, deliberate and soft. Creating a puzzle that you can visualize from a distance, the harmonics and unique rhythm keeps you hooked. There is an instant, enamouring nature this track has, and it is unique in every which way you see it. The writing style, lyrically, might be a look into Joni Mitchell’s diaries, the instrumentals draw it away to a parallel universe. Jackie Minton can hold your attention, with the pathway her song paves. Her song teaches you about healing through pain, adversity being a necessary evil.

As it progresses, the track burgeons with creativity. It swells, creating the illusion of the memory especially for us. Her album Earnest Voice is the best use of a singer-songwriter’s talents that can be seen, playing to strengths and creating a few of her own. There is a brilliance that comes with experience, usually, but her music carries it because of the honest behind the words and sentiments. Listen and get transported to a mythical feeling here: