Jacob Rountree is a singer-songwriter and alt-folk artist spreading profoundness with his music. He is a Nick Drake and Sufjan Stevens type with simple philosophies and a touching way of perceiving life. In his latest single, First Avenue, Jacob Rountree portrays the beauty of randomness in a tale about serendipitously finding happiness after straying into the wrong avenue. With bare acoustics and candid vocals, the track paints a heartwarming picture. Listening to it reminds us that hope and happiness is right around the corner. 

The track is strung with chunky acoustic strings. They set a natural pace for the lyrical tale. Jacob’s low tonal baritones bob across the melodies, fostered by a full heart and content mind. Breezy harmonies fill the momentous spaces between them all. The frame at the bridge acquires a climactic build with beautiful textures and dimensions of flutes, violins, and soft percussive elements. His style and sincerity is reminiscent of artists like Bob Dylan and John Lennon. 

Jacob Rountree debuted in 2018 with his album, The Common Hour. After a couple of singles, he released his sophomore album, As I See It in 2022. This single is the first release by the artist this year (2023).

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to First Avenue by Jacob Rountree here –