Jetty Grove explores standing still with a swirling mind in his new album, Static Motion. Under this oxymoronic banner, the artist presents country-flavored surreality in twelve parts/songs. With matte textures and vintage hues, the sound comes together in dreamy flavors of consciousness. In the second track, Clockwork, Jetty Grove uses alluring acoustics to reveal the beauty of monotones. The honest and bare lyricism exhumes old memories and paints a melancholic story of a life lived. Grove’s work is redolent of indie-folk artists like Sufjan Stevens, Nick Drake, Andrew Bird, and Elliott Smith. 

The song is loaded with naturalistic acoustics that glint and gleam. It paints an idyllic portrait of the countryside, clear blue skies, and rising green grass. Mellow folk beats add a beautiful texture to the sharp ukulele and misty guitar melodies. And across this crackling sky, the baritone vocals sail with rest and leisure. 

Jetty Grove debuted in 2021 with his album, Easy Tomorrow in which he explored indie acoustics with psychedelic sensibilities. He followed this with his single, Midnight later the same year. Static Motion was released in late 2022, showcasing folklore themes with pastoral melodies and vocals. It makes for a great companion for solitude and artistic self-indulgence. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Clockwork from the Static Motion album by Jetty Grove here –