Jill Jay is a singer-songwriter who beautifully fuses RnB with her ecstatic Pop feel. She is known for her rhythmic verses and melodic bridges and choruses. She writes with deep emotions that are hard to even express with elegance. Jill surely is an artist who is known for her ecstatic songwriting that expresses complex feelings through music. Her tracks are a perfect example of how deep musicality and soulful lyrics are intertwined.

I discovered this artist recently and was instantly enchanted by her latest release which is named I Don’t Wanna B Urs which is one of her best works yet. The track describes vivid emotions that are relatable to the masses. This track surely had me reminiscing about my first love. The track features some exquisite lyricism spun with some deep musicality. Her lyrics paint descriptive pictures that are vivid. She is a great vocalist and surely has portrayed her skills well through this track. Do give this track a go and trust me you will fall in love with this amazing artist.

Catch a little glimpse of Don’t Wanna B Urs here-