Joe Pope is a singer-songwriter and a guitarist. With poetry for passion and music for presentation, the artist transforms the intimate spheres of his life into resonant musical experiences. Each melody and word has the force of emotion and intention behind it. His acoustics and vocals weaves lifelike frames and philosophies that convey real-time emotions and experiences. Stringing elements of folk, country, and soft blues, his work is reminiscent of artists like Bob Dylan, Nick Drake, Hank Williams, Neil Young, and the like. In his latest track, ‘Calumet’, Joe Pope lays out a soothing acoustic scape. With its drawling melodies and dreamy vocals, it melts the edges of reality and draws you away into it.

The track is solely structured with gentle acoustics. Gentle acoustic sheens catch the rhythm of Joe’s baritones to depict new horizons of sentiment. Sweet lines of harmonica embellish the composition with the melancholy of passing time and faded youth. While there’s incredibly beauty in the way it is presented, it the vocal candor that arrests you and keeps you.

Joe Pope debuted in 2019 with his album, ‘Ebb Tide’ and has since released twelve singles that prevail on momentous cycles of life and human experience. Listen Now!

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