Come experience the scenic euphonic scapes from The Window of Joe Pope featuring lucia. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Pope is an independent singer-songwriter and Americana/ Country folk artist whose music does wonderful things for the soul. His metaphysical ruminations project the essence of life. With this track, the artist delves into the melancholy of the changing seasons and passage of time. It is the perfect song to reflect on the past year and look toward the coming of a new year.

The artist claims folk titans like The Lumineers, Ray LaMontagne, Bob Dylan, and James Taylor as his inspirations. Pope debuted with his album Ebb Tide in 2019 and has since gone on to release magnificent pieces of music with four singles releases in 2020, three singles in 2021, and another four songs in 2022.

The track is as delicate as glass. Its subtle lines of acoustics glint like diamonds and emit a glorious warmth. Especially the dainty tonalities of the guitar strings. Matched with acoustic piano melodies and brushes of basslines, it comes together to form a mystical stained glass portrait. Using bountiful imagery and slice-of-life narratives, the artist tells a magical story of time. He contrasts his husky melancholic vocals with nostalgic harmonies that bleed through the canvas and drips with an eternal quaintness.

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