Johan Davis is a professional DJ/Producer playing in clubs up until recently when he made the switch to making his own music. He released his EP, Summer Again in June, 2021. His latest single, My Obsession, featuring KEL, a singer-songwriter from Italy, is a combination of dance music and mellow vocals. 

The song begins with a pounding bass beat and steadily snowballs into pulsing synths and KEL’s glassy vocals. KEL’s delicate vocals and seamless transitions within the song charms the listener. The beats dutifully grind before blossoming with synth details and flowing melodies. The fusion of the music and the silky timbre of the vocals mixes like a great cocktail. 

Both the artists gracefully explore the song; harmoniously weaving their styles and interpretations. The song tells us the story of obsession – the back and forth, the tireless thoughts, endless desire and relentless passion. KEL’s sensual harmonies and sighs are gloriously timed and beautifully delivered. 

Johan Davis is a story teller and uses his music as a medium to explore emotions as an integral part of a story while forcing the listener to move, groove and dance through it. 

My Obsession, available on Spotify!

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