Jon Slow is a New England-based singer-songwriter with volumes of wisdom to impart to his audience. The acoustic artist has a unique way of looking at things and experiencing this perspective alongside his raw musicality is a beautiful way to spend time. Jon Slow has just come out with his debut album, Haystack Rock, in which he delves into the folds of autobiography to serve up lessons on the power of perseverance and hope during difficult times. Taken from this album is, Read Your Mind. 

The track introduces the acoustic rock style that the artist employs throughout the album. It has a tranquil quality, with its floating melodies slowing down time for mellow reflections and sweet ruminations. Blending folk pallets with rock beats and riffs, he conceptualizes the rush of discovering and understanding one’s own mind. Mooning trumpets accentuate the drizzling riffs and earthy beats. The spirit is constantly elevated by expressive flute frames and hearty electric guitar motifs. And as the track progresses, Jon layers it all, juxtaposing each one’s distinct jubilation alongside the other. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music! 

You can listen to Read Your Mind by Jon Slow here –